The 2022 NBA Christmas Day program on beIN Sports

It’s tradition! Like every year, Christmas Day NBA will be broadcast in full on beIN Sports. Here is the program for this December 25, to watch as a family and with a full plate on Grandpa’s new 118 centimeter TV.

Those who are not yet used to it will quickly understand. The NBA has pulled out all the stops to concoct a gourmet menu worthy of what will be on the table for Christmas. So when picking up a third piece of log, remember to take a look at the screen in the living room. You might just catch a glimpse of Joel Embiid putting down an all-time performance at Madison Square Garden, unless the Knicks continue their strong December momentum to try and tickle Philadelphia in the standings. You could also witness a new transfer of power between the King and Luka Doncic, even if we say that every year.

Because that’s Christmas Day, five high quality matches with the little context that goes well to make each meeting unmissable.

At cheese time (the Christmas fondue team, we see you!), we will be entitled to a clash at the top of the Eastern Conference between the Celtics and the Bucks. Milwaukee will want to take revenge after the defeat in seven sets during the 2022 Playoffs. We will continue right after with the icy log. Watch out for the cool kiss effect with the long-awaited clash between the Warriors and the Grizzlies, a new classic in the West. And if Stephen Curry should miss the meeting, he will still be the champion per square meter to teach Ja Morant and his teammates a lesson. And since gluttony is exceptionally tolerated on Christmas Eve, Xavier Vaution’s team will take out the digeo at 4:30 a.m. to see Nikola Jokic stick it out with the Suns to find out who the best team in the Western Conference is.

The 2022 NBA Christmas Day program on beIN Sports

18:00 Philadelphie 76ers @ New York Knicks
20h30 : Los Angeles Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks
23:00 Boston Celtics @ Milwaukee Bucks
2h: Memphis Grizzlies @ Golden State Warriors
4:30: Phoenix Suns @ Denver Nuggets

Five games, five posters, five reasons to gobble up basketball as much as cheese on Christmas Eve. Don’t even look for the best gift, it won’t be under the tree but on the TV cabinet and it’s still Adam Silver who gave it to us.

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