Yes dear and dear listeners of Hotel Arizona, it’s time to unveil our favorite albums from a year that has been to forget for various reasons, but to remember from a musical point of view. As 2020 has returned to be (in our opinion) glorious in its section “WONDERFUL DISCS”, we will reissue three special programs glossing our 75 ESSENTIALS from last year. As an important novelty, the first of them It is now available only for those of you who become (or already are) patrons of the Hotel Arizona Patreon account.

Thus You can only listen / download through this link: (

We have compiled the list, as usual, with total independence and representing the chosen albums with one of their respective songs, which will serve to melodically gloss a year that, for us, has once again represented one of the melodic peaks of what we have been carrying. century.

Thanks a million for all your support in this difficult 2020.

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