Jason Vukovich was a victim of the same crime during his childhood; he tracked them down online and beat sexual predators with a hammer.

Photo: Twitter.

Writing / La Voz de Michoacán

After sentencing, the “Alaskan Avenger” will spend 23 years in prison. His crime consisted of assaulting three men on charges of child sexual abuse. The events took place in Alaska, where the 43-year-old man was arrested after it was found that he had attacked three people.

According to the person implicated, his actions were motivated by a similar situation that he experienced throughout his childhood; During his defense, Vukovich claimed that his stepfather had abused him when he was just a child. After going through this traumatic experience, he decided to come to the aid of other minors who suffered from the same crime.

As revealed by the defendant, his method of identifying rapists was to consult the sex offender registry on the internet. Later he would go in search of a target and attack him with hammer blows, threaten him and rob him. When Vukovich was arrested, a list of sex offenders and people in possession of child pornography was found alongside his belongings. Apparently, the defendant intended to continue the hunt for other criminals of sexual violence to minors.

After presenting his defense and admitting publicly guilty, the judge in charge of his case determined that there was no justification for exercising justice without going to the pertinent authorities; for that reason, he sentenced him to 23 years in prison.

Although sexual offenses against minors are criminalized in the United States and in most countries, stories of harassment and rape continue to emerge.