The ‘Alaskan Avenger’ was convicted of beating pedophiles with a hammer

On social networks, his relatives use Instagram and TikTok to ask people for help to free a man who attacked three pedophiles.

A man who calls himself “the Avenging Angel”, or known by the international press as “the Alaskan Avenger”, Asks to be released after being sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for beating pedophiles with a hammer in the United States.

In 2016, Jason Vukovich, the “Alaskan Avenger”, tracked down several sex offenders listed on the public record and attacked them, however, he did not take their lives.

Vukovich reported that he felt an “overwhelming desire to act” due to his own history of abuse at the hands of his adoptive father, and his quest to seek justice for others led to a short career as a “vigilante.”

A victim of abuse who defended children from pedophiles

According to his attorney, Jason Vukovich was sentenced to 23 years at the Spring Creek Correctional Center for assaulting three pedophiles, yet none of the child predators were killed in the attack. The “avenger” was the victim of child abuse, physically and sexually, by his adoptive father in Alaska. His adoptive father was convicted but never spent a day in jail, so Jason was sent back to his abuser by Alaskan courts, his defense detailed.

According to the media specialized in law issues, LexologyJason will spend the next 25 years in jail with another five years on probation. The sentence is only 5 years less than the maximum sentence available.

Said media noted that during the trial the self-called “avenging angel”Was sentenced for attacking three registered sex offenders in June 2016.

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As part of the sentencing process, his older brother gave evidence of the childhood trauma they suffered as children at the hands of their adoptive father.

Jason Vukovich’s brother, Joel Fulton, said that despite years of therapy, he has still not recovered from the abuse.

I will never get better, never”Said Fulton, who has a successful cybersecurity career in California.

Fulton told the judge that he was not a friend of Vukovich and that he had spoken to him at most twice in the last twenty years. Still, he said he wanted to help him and asked the court system to “have mercy on him … help him“.

The trial and sentence for the ‘avenger’

But the prosecutor, Patrick McKay, argued that there was no excuse for Vukovich to target and attack three strangers, hitting a man so hard with a hammer that he fractured his skull and rendered him unconscious.

We are lucky that we are not dealing with a murder charge.“Deputy District Attorney Patrick McKay told the judge.” People can’t take justice into their own hands just because they don’t like a particular group of people or a particular person. “

While Judge Marston expressed sympathy for the siblings’ childhood experiences, he said that ultimately, Vukovich has shown that he is dangerous and is “willing to hurt people”.

The ‘hunt’ for pedophiles

In June 2016, Jason Vukovich searched for three men who were listed on the Alaska Sex Offender Registry for crimes involving children. The “avenger” had a notebook full of names and addresses of sex offenders that he found in the public index, Vukovich pointed the houses of Charles Albee, Andres Barbosa y Wesley Demarest.

His first two victims were beaten and robbed by Vukovich when entering their homes, however, with his latest victim, Demarest, the assailant knocked on the door at dawn, hitting him with a hammer in the face.

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“I am an avenging angel. I’m going to do justice to the people you hurt, “Vokovich told Demarest.

Afterward, he stole a variety of items, including a computer, and fled. Demarest called police, who quickly located him in a nearby Honda Civic with a hammer, stolen items and a notebook containing the names of his three victims.

Following his arrest, and subsequent sentencing, Vokovich is currently seeking freedom through viral popularity.


Through social networks, the relatives of Jason Vukovich ask people to join the cause so that he is released. On the Instagram account, titled with her name, her sister, Angelina Lozano, constantly posts videos to find out about the progress of the case.

“What we really need the most is help with letters of support to present to the parole board in 2023, as well as a letter to the governor. If you can write your own, we have given you a couple of examples (one of each) of what a letter would look like ”, he detailed in his most recent publication yesterday February 21.

In addition, on her TikTok account, Angelina has made her story viral on more than one occasion, which has gradually attracted thousands of followers and visits.

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