The amazing moment a moose expels its antlers in Alaska

In the last few hours, the surprising video of an elk that suddenly sheds its horns. The event occurred in the state of Alaska, United States, and is already viral on all digital platforms.

In the images, you can see the exact moment when the animal begins to shake its head to remove some blades of snow, when its horns fall to the ground. The incident was so unexpected that it even gave the illusion that the same quadruped was frightened when seeing how its antlers jumped from its head.

While this phenomenon is quite common, witnessing and recording it is not. According to some specialized media, this event can occur after the mating season. This occurs because testosterone levels drop, which causes a weakening of the tissues and the bony parts of the base of the horns that causes the precipitation of the antlers. These changes are called demogues: “The moose left us a beautiful Christmas present,” the family that owns the security camera told local media.

A moose sheds its antlers in a surprising way in Alaska

The exact moment when moose sheds its antlers caught on a Ring doorbell camera. This is how the owners of the house received a Christmas surprise when reviewing the recordings.

Tyra Bogert posted it on her TikTok account and it went viral. Due to his great reach, he gave some details for the medium Today. On the night of December 15, he went to his sister’s house due to the strong storm that was affecting a large region of the United States and for fear of running out of electricity in his home. In what he expected, he sat down with her niece to watch videos of her when she received an alert from her doorbell camera. After directly checking what had happened, she was stunned.

The woman, who lives an hour and a half north of Anchorage, also recounted that the device was bought with her husband for security, but now it has served as a wildlife camera: “We are quite far away. We are not a suburban community or anything like that,” she explained to Today. Since the antler was left in their driveway, they now plan to mount it in their home as a keepsake.

Tyra’s husband, Chance, was at work and called to ask what happened at the door. The woman couldn’t describe it: “And I was like: ‘You gotta see it for yourself. You will be very surprised. I don’t want to ruin it’”.

According to his statements, it was his brother who asked him to post the video because he had never seen anything like it, especially since the antlers fell at the same time. After her viral post, Tyra was also happy that more people could see this spectacle of nature: “They’re so underrated, but they’re really cool animals.“, hill.

Moose usually shed their antlers during the winter.
Moose usually shed their antlers during the winter.Unsplash

According to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, elk shed their antlers once a year, in mid-winter.

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