The American has created a shelter for disabled cats that were of no use to anyone (photo)

Most people dream of an ideal, healthy and cute pet that will bring a lot of joy, but will not create problems. There is nothing wrong with this desire, but it leaves many sick or elderly cats alone on the side of the road.

A woman named Michelle Hoffman from Santa Barbara (California, USA) created a shelter for cats that were unwanted and unnecessary due to their characteristics. Her shelter Milo’s Sanctuary is home to about 75 kittens with disabilities, terminal illnesses or injuries.

Michelle founded Milo’s Sanctuary because she wanted sick and old cats to have a safe home in which to receive care and love.

“Unfortunately, some cats do not live with us for long, but we give them all the best: good food, medical care, soft beds, walks, games and, most importantly, a lot of love,” says Michelle.

Most cats are collected from the street by Milo’s Sanctuary staff. Often, cats end up in a shelter with severe injuries and illnesses, but the workers try to help everyone.

When cats are brought to the shelter, they are isolated for 14 days. The animals are monitored by veterinarians to check for any illnesses, behavioral problems, as well as eating and toilet problems.

Milo’s Sanctuary accepts only a limited number of pets to ensure that every cat, regardless of its characteristics, can receive proper care.

“We know our limits both in space and in financial possibilities,” said the founder of the shelter.

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