The American newspaper “Kansas City Star” has issued an apology for decades of racist coverage –

Kansas City Star boss Mike Fannin said the discrimination is the source of the newspaper’s “lack of trust and credibility” within the black community.


The Kansas City Star, whose readership is predominantly white, made its MEA culpa. Through its boss Mike Fannin, the American daily apologized on Monday, December 21 for decades of coverage racist. For a long time, at the beginning of its history, the newspaper dismissed, ignored, even despised generations of black residents, he wrote in a long editorial published on Sunday. The newspaper’s president and editor acknowledges that they are certainly not perfect today. “There is still a lot of work to do, but at least it’s a start”he added.

Loss of trust and credibility

This year, the newspaper has written extensively about the racism systemic in Kansas City following the death of George Floyd and the nationwide protests staged after. “We never put ourselves under the microscope to try to better understand how the Star had covered the black community for years”confided on CNN the president and editor of the newspaper. According to the latter, the newspaper has lost its trust and credibility within the black community because of this discrimination.

A company that has hurt

This self-assessment by the Kansas City Star newspaper comes at a time when UNITED STATES have been studying for a few months their past racism and segregation. It also appears in a national context marked by historic protests against discrimination. Mike Fannin penned a lengthy op-ed on Sunday that details “the story of a powerful local business that did harm”. A series of six surveys was also published. It shows coverage that has completely ignored the region’s black minority for years. It was only cited when its members were accused of crimes.

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