The apocalyptic images of the devastation of Hurricane Ian in Florida

Hurricane Ian is expected to weaken as it passes inland, but has already caused significant damage.

The damage is colossal and the images spectacular. This Wednesday afternoon, theHurricane Ian hit Florida hard after causing widespread destruction and killing two people in Cuba. Now classified as category 3, it remains destructive according to the American National Hurricane Center (NHC) and has already caused ‘catastrophic’ flooding in the US state.

On social networks, many Internet users have shared videos and photos which testify to the power of the meteorological event. In Fort Meyers, Ian drowned several neighborhoods of this coastal town under more than two meters of water and some sequences show a deluge accompanied by imposing breaking waves.

In another striking video shot in timelapse, it is possible to see the waves gradually taking over the streets of this same city. Over the minutes, the urban landscape disappears under a torrent of water.

Submerged buildings

The town of Port Charlotte, located north of Fort Myers, was also hit by strong winds from the hurricane. In a video shared on Twitter, we can see the gray sky and the trees about to be laid down by the strong gusts accompanied by powerful rains.

In this same locality, the hospital center was submerged by the rising waters. If the authorities had warned of the possibility of considerable damage, these images once again show the violence of the elements in Florida.

Further north in Tampa, images show street furniture damaged by the hurricane. Here, it’s a traffic light that collapses under the gusts of wind.

Forts vents

The town of Punta Gorda was also plunged into darkness. In the night, only a few buildings equipped with generators remained illuminated, the only sounds around being the roar of the wind and the pouring rain.

In Naples, in southwest Florida, images from the MSNBC channel showed completely flooded streets and cars floating in the current.

The flood could sometimes exceed three meters, announced Wednesday evening the governor of the State of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

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