The Arizona Republican Party is reprimanding House Speaker Rusty Bowers for testifying before the Jan. 6 House Committee

The Arizona Republican Party officially rebuked House Speaker Rusty Bowers for testifying before the Jan. 6 House Committee on former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

In the censorship decision Released on July 19, the Arizona Republican Party’s Executive Committee claimed that Bowers “was not open in his interactions with others in the legislative leadership, the Republican leadership, his dealings with Maricopa County bureaucrats, lobbyists, advisers, and the liberal media.” .

“Bowers has lost the confidence of a majority of Republican Party leaders and his colleagues in the Arizona state legislature … has shown his inability to serve the Republican Party platform,” the no-confidence decision continued.

Bowers testified publicly on June 21 before the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riot, telling the panel how Trump ran a pressure campaign to get him to say the state election results were “rigged.” .

“Anyone, anywhere, whenever I said the election was rigged, that wouldn’t be true,” Bowers said said The committee.

Bowers also recalled speaking to Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who claimed he had evidence of voter fraud in Arizona, but the evidence never materialized.

Bowers spoke about how his Christian faith motivated him to oppose Trump and described how Trump supporters showed up at his home and threatened his safety.

Bowers said last week Deseret News that Trump “does not represent my party”.

“He doesn’t represent the morality and platform of my party. And I just see it more and more often. This guy is simple – he’s his own party. It’s an intimidating party and I don’t like it,” Bowers said.

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