The Arnold Sports Festival UK is back!

A festival of superlatives: 60,000 participants will be on the this year Arnold Sports Festival UK expected. 5,000 competitors go in over 25 sports and disciplines and the start.

On the spacious exhibition grounds demonstrate popular brands their novelties and classics. So it counts as that biggest festival in the world for health, fitness and multisport. (Also read: ‘Arnold Classics comeback’)

The Arnold Sports Festival UK will be three days long World-class motivation and inspiration Offer. A special experience are the Competitions in various sportswhere top international athletes compete.

From strongman to dance

Sports at the UK Festival include: Strongman, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, CrossFit, Licensed Arnold Fitness Games, MMA, Boxing, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Disabled Strongman, Calisthenics, Dance and many more. (Also worth reading: ‘Arnold Sports Festival 2022’)

As a special highlight, we have come up with a surprise this year, which we are particularly looking forward to.

Live aus Birmingham

Our colleague Frederik Neust is the whole weekend in Birmingham on site. The founder of a digital/sustainability consultancy, fitness economist and DHfPG/BSA-Lecturer will be from Friday noon direct from Arnold Sports Festival UK ours Facebook– and Instagram-Show the channel with the latest news and his impressions.

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