The artist showed a model of a farmer from the episode “Mason’s Rats” in the third season of the anthology “Love, death and robots”

The specialist was responsible for the smallest details like protruding threads from clothes and even for tobacco in a man’s cigarette.

One of the leading artists of Axis studio Sebastian Deredas shared images of farmer model Mason from the seventh episode of the third season of the anthology “Love, Death and Robots”.

He revealed that he was responsible for creating textures for several models, shading the protagonist’s clothing, and a number of accessories worn by the rats. In addition, the artist worked on the smallest details of Mason’s model, including protruding threads and fluff from the farmer’s clothes, as well as tobacco in his cigarette.

Deredas wrote that he and his colleagues at Axis Studios worked on an episode of “Mason’s Rats” for four months.

farmer model

Episode fragment

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