The Ashes of ‘Scotty’ from ‘Star Trek’ traveled to the International Space Station and remained hidden for more than 12 years | International | News

Actor James Montgomery Doohan was known for his role as Scotty and Star Trek. The artist passed away in 2005, and his family asked for something out of the ordinary: transport his ashes to the International Space Station.

The actor’s greatest desire was to reach the stars, so his son got in touch with Richard Garriot. The American businessman was days away from leaving for space in a Russian capsule.

Richard Garriot, businessman and video game designer, He tells after 12 years how it was possible to make this possible, taking advantage of a trip that began in 2008.

After a year of training and paying $ 30 million, Garriot flew to the ISS on a private flight, in which he managed to secretly introduce Scotty’s ashes. After 12 years, he considers that enough time has passed to tell the story, he revealed to Times magazine.

Two days before the flight, Doohan’s son sent the ashes to Kazakhstan, where Garriot was in quarantine before the flight.

Garriot’s plan to introduce the ashes was to print three cards with a photograph of Doohan on which he sealed the ashes, saving them to his flight data file. The ashes, sealed on the laminated card, were hidden under the International Space Station’s own skin.

The businessman sending a video to the family in which he shows that the card with the ashes has reached space.

So, one of the cards was framed on one of the walls of Doohan’s house, after traveling and being returned to the family. The second card was thrown into space by Garriot, and the third card is still hidden under the floor covering of the ISS Columbus module, where it has been since 2008.

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“His family was very happy that the ashes got there, but we were all disappointed that we couldn’t talk about it publicly for so long. Enough time has passed now for us, ”Richard Garriot said.

According to Garriot, he did not tell the story before as it was necessary to keep silent about what happened to avoid problems.

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