The astrologer told what changes in personal life await the signs of the zodiac in 2023

What did you think about the New Year’s clock? What did you dream about? If it’s about love, then this horoscope is for you.

Aries, in the most romantic way you will meet the arrival of spring. You will get prettier and will catch admiring glances on yourself. But in the fall, we must try not to spoil the existing relations, since it will be difficult to avoid significant disagreements.

Taurus, the center of your attention will be focused more on work, there will be less time left for personal life. The most favorable period for changes in personal life is the first half of March.

Twins, this year you will attract unusual people to you, you will be surprised at the diversity of human types and significantly expand your knowledge of psychology. The best months for love are February and the second half of April

Cancer, you will be extremely attractive to the opposite sex and experience many temptations. However, the old love will be better than the new two.

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a lion, this year you have the right to expect a lot in your personal life. Someone will meet their love, and someone will get the opportunity to reset an established relationship, make their personal life more exciting.

Virgo, February will bring you a lot of joyful emotions, including in love, but August will be marked by multiple conflicts. And you need to learn how to resolve them in new ways, be more flexible and patient.

Scales, your closest friends and your loved ones this year will not only please you, but can also contribute to your success. They will help in your endeavors, support in difficult situations.

Scorpio, in the event of recurring problems in a relationship, you must act in a way that you have not done before. Break the chain of recurring events. In this case, you will either emerge victorious in the existing situation, or meet a new love.

Sagittarius, you will present many surprises to your beloved, thereby testing their feelings for strength. A new round of development of past relationships is likely, but they will be productive only if both of you have managed to change enough.

Capricorn, those Capricorns who meet new love this year will be surprised at themselves. Capricorns will discover the ability to love and feel in a whole new way.

Aquarius, you may succumb to the false charm of some mysterious person. Don’t idealize people. Don’t listen to what people say, look at their actions.

Fishes, questions of love this year require the most serious approach. Pisces in a civil marriage, it’s time to think about a real wedding

The Black Water Cat is a domestic and affectionate animal, but at the same time capricious, the love of a cat must be earned. Nevertheless, it is considered a good sign to marry in the year of the cat. This year, the marriage activity of citizens will increase significantly, many marriages will be concluded, but many families will break up.

When planning a wedding or engagement, avoid the eclipse corridors from April 20 to May 5 and from October 14 to 28. It is considered extremely unfavorable to marry on retrograde Venus, and there will be such a period this year. From July 23 to September 4, you should not marry or apply to the registry office on these dates.

If you are single, do not rush to get acquainted this New Year’s holidays, while Mercury is retrograde, wait until January 22nd. Well, the most romantic period of the nearest is mid-February, then many of us will be picked up by a stream of dizzying feelings.

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