The bachelor entered the supermarket and realized that love did not shine for him. Still – he was looking for a companion in the wrong department

The guy got tired of being a loner, and he decided to take action. Sign up for a tinder? No, the bachelor started looking for a companion elsewhere – in a store. He did not count on the result, but now at least he knows which department to look for is definitely not worth it.

Where to look for a life partner? Some people create accounts on dating sites and use a life hack of perfect correspondence (although they cannot do without a raft-twist). Others try to win hearts not virtually, but in the old fashioned way, for example, standing in a supermarket with a sign “Looking for a husband”.

A similar adventure was decided by a bachelor from Australia, who turned not to a matchmaker, but to the voice of his reason. The guy also ventured to find a soul mate in the store, writes News AU.


Australian bachelor decides to find a wife in a supermarket

About his intentions to find a girl in a supermarket Australian-tiktoker with nickname Worldsworsttiktok told in one of his videos. The bachelor chose the household chemicals department of the local market Coles as the main point of search for a life partner. Probably, the guy thought that beauties are regulars of this particular place.

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Of course he was wrong.

I’ve heard that there is such a new trend. You go to the Coles household chemicals department and try to find yourself a wife there. Let’s see what will come of it, – the bachelor explained in the video.

The wanderings of the Australian in the department did not lead to any result. Why, you ask. This question was immediately answered by netizens who explained to the guy that household chemicals were far from the girls’ sphere of interests.

There are those who suggested that Tiktoker abandon the idea altogether, because it is deliberately doomed to failure.

Although the first attempt turned out to be a failure for the guy, he did not give up and nevertheless decided to try his luck in the sweets section of another supermarket for special requests. However, there was not even a hint of a fateful meeting. According to the Australian, this time it was Friday and the bad timing that was to blame.

It seems that Tiktoker now has no choice but to create an account on a dating site. Perhaps it is there that the only one is waiting for the bachelor.

You can find your soul mate not only on the dating site, but also in the popular game Among Us. Now gamers, instead of completing missions, manage to find their love.

But the Reddit user is still not ready to remove the tinder from her phone. The girl only swipes to those who no one likes, and for that she has a reason.


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