The Batman: Matt Reeves’ plans will not be changed by James Gunn’s for DC Studios

A precision in the form of a formality, but taking into account the latest news relating to large machinery DC Studios, a clarification that is still necessary. Call it a compulsory formality. Recently, Matt Reeves spoke with Yahoo! Entertainmentand had the opportunity to discuss the future of intellectual property The Batman and its multiple derivative products. No worries for the fans (and conversely for those who don’t like, mechanically), this part of the franchise DC Comics shouldn’t be affected by the big overhaul orchestrated internally by James Gunn et Peter Safran.

Batman’s exceptional status, again and again

Reeves actually confirmed having had initial conversations with the new presidents of DC Studios. A more formal meeting is even scheduled for the next few weeks. The director wants to be reassuring, or simply aware of his particular case within the group Warner Bros. Discovery : The Batman had already been cited as an example by David Zaslav during the various speeches addressed to the press or shareholders, such as Joker: Madness for Two, and both franchises appeared to have been spared the anger and consequent budget cuts over the merger plan. Speeches prior to the appointment of Gunn et Safranand who insisted on the idea that The Batman et Joker represented the future of productions WBD (with confirmation of the first spin-offs The Penguin et Arkham Asylum on the small screen). From there, it is difficult to be very worried about Matt Reeves and his master plan for the universe of Gotham City.

That’s exactly what he said Matt Reevesfor context.

“We’ve already spoken a few times. I’m supposed to meet him and Safran this month. They’re working hard on their own plans, and I’m working on my own plans with my partners. – all of our shows, and stuff. So we’re gonna sit down and talk about where we’re at, and what the areas of development are going to be for those two things. I can’t wait to hear what they’re working on.

They have their big plan, I have another big plan for the Bat-verse. The idea of ​​the meeting is simply to help us get to know each other better. It’s going to be cool.”

Nothing very alarming on the horizon, and certainly not a situation comparable to the case of Dwayne Johnson a few weeks ago. We can very well understand how WBD will need to make these two independent versions of the universe DC work on good terms, without stepping on each other, without getting in each other’s way, and by participating in a common promotional effort. Randomly, Reeves will probably need to specify Gunn the release date of this or that series, to avoid stepping on each other with another product, that sort of thing.

As a reminder, Matt Reeves does not play the role of mere director or screenwriter on the franchise The Batman. This universe and its various spin-offs have indeed been developed by studio staff 6th & Idahonamely, his own production company, and WBD remains in contract with this supplier on a plan independent of the traditional management of DC Studios. No reason to cut off the head of the captain of the ship when he seems to be sailing towards future financial success. Similarly, we suspect that Todd Phillips won’t have much to fear from cancellations or the universe redesign DC commissioned by Gunn et Safran – and basically, as in comics, it’s hard not to see favorably this capacity of the imaginary superheroes not to be monopolized by a single and same vision.

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