the bed that turns into a gym

Covid-19 has put a strain on the habits of those who train, even sportsmen have had to change established habits, and for those who, passionate about sports, used to train daily, training at home proved to be the only one opportunity to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Although many used to train in a group and go to the gym also as a meeting point and socialization, the solitary or remote-controlled workout was the practice of this long and difficult period. If for enthusiasts who cannot give up physical activity all this was not a problem, finding valid alternatives to stay fit and healthy, perhaps for the lazy ones training in this moment in which every gym is forced to remain closed will not it’s that simple. Although it is allowed to carry out physical activities in the open air or exercise from the comfort of home, many people feel the nostalgia for barbells and gym equipment: the latter are not always found online, not always have affordable prices and even more not always we have enough free space available in the house to set up a real gym equipped with all the necessary tools.

What to do then? As we read on, a practical and functional tool has arrived from the United Kingdom that could solve our problems: it is called Pivot and allows you to train comfortably at home as if we were in the gym.

Pivot: the bed that turns into a gym

Designed by Colin Montgomery and currently crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform, Pivot is nothing more than a double bed retractable available in two different sizes, but what does it have to do with physical movement? Simple: inside – exactly under the mattress – hides a small one gym housekeeper. Also ideal for those who have little space available, by raising the bed it is possible to obtain suitable space in the room to train. And that’s not all: in addition to the tools needed for training, Pivot, being equipped with numerous functions, combines practicality with technology, the underlying network, in fact, is able to support tablets and smartphones to follow the online courses that in this period depopulated on the web.

How it is structured and how it works

But how is Pivot structured? Also on we read that the structure, able to be anchored to the floor to ensure maximum hold, is equipped with a removable bar, which rises up to 2 meters and 30 in height, to cling to for tractions or to use as a hook for Trx cables. There are also two other bars, always removable from the sub-net, to be positioned perpendicular for bending on the arms.

In addition, a support for barbells and weights can be added to the basic set, benches and rods can still be easily hidden under the bed. Finally, remember that it is possible to choose between different models, prices vary from 830 to 1400 euros and the first deliveries are expected from March 2021.


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