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Cartoons! For a long time, the World of Fiction has given them a separate top, which tries to include not only blockbusters from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks, but also unusual, author’s animation. And it often happens that this is where many of the best films of the year end up. The most soulful, the funniest, the most philosophical, and even the most beautiful.

This time we did not limit ourselves to a specific number of films and arrange them in some order. But we chose the Cartoon of the Year – and you probably already guessed what it is.

What if it occurred to Soderbergh and Tarantino to make a cartoon together? That’s what DreamWorks tried to imagine, and that’s how Bad Boys was born.

This team of robber-adventurers has no equal: the great pickpocket Wolf, the safe-cracker Snake, the genius of disguise Shark, the hacker Tarantula and the ultimate fighter Piranha. But one miscalculation leads to the fact that the leader of the gang, Wolf, has to escape from prison and promise that the Bad Boys will get on the right path. The team of “star” criminals, of course, does not want to part with their laurels and their favorite way of life, but here a completely new villain comes into play. To resist him, the Bad Guys have to try on the guise of good people.

The new DreamWorks work is inferior to the main hits of the studio, and the second “Zootopia” did not come out of it, but it deserves the title of the most family heist movie of the decade. The witty and ironic film combines drama, comedy, action, detective, boasts a driving soundtrack and cute character design.

The best cartoons of 2022 according to the World of Fantasy

Richard Linklater is a director with an amazing sense of time. He, like no one else, knows how to convey the beauty of elusive moments (the Before Dawn trilogy) and the unhurried pace of the era (the film Boyhood, which was filmed for 12 years!). So is his Apollo 10 ½, a journey into the past that is both epic and deeply personal, growing out of childhood memories of the space race era.

This is the story of a boy who makes the first (secret!) flight to the moon. Linklater does not hide the fact that the plot is only the figment of the hero’s restless imagination, but how can one resist fiction when the very reality of the 1960s looks like a science fiction film? The romance of space coexists with the threat of nuclear war, the family comfort of one-story America with avant-garde hippie fashion, the playful jazz of Gerb Alpert with the psychedelia of Pink Floyd.

Licklater illustrates the paradoxes of the past with an unusual fusion of film and animation: dialogue scenes are filmed with live actors and rotoscoped. This is how an amazing world is born, accurate in details and at the same time slightly unreal. An adult’s memory and a child’s fantasy.

The best cartoons of 2022 according to the World of Fantasy 1

This cartoon was released at the very end of 2022, and it is unlikely that people in Russia had time to watch it. But we decided to still include it in this list – as a recommendation for the future.

Puss in Boots, the same caballero from Shrek, the owner of the cutest eyes, a sharp sword and a hat with a feather, returned 11 years later, and this period is felt. The cat is old. He did not lose his dashing and charm, but he wasted his nine lives. An attempt to return to the past is dedicated to a new cartoon – a kind of “Logan” for the Cat. Not a gloomy drama, of course, but a parable about dignified aging and awareness of one’s mortality…

… which sometimes flashes among dizzying fights, dashing robberies and treasure hunts, endless jokes and excellent special effects. Yes, the past 11 years are also felt in the graphics – the second “Cat” looks much more beautiful and juicier than the first.

The best cartoons of 2022 according to the World of Fantasy 9

In this anthology of three short cartoons, Marc & Emma first turned to the horror genre – the most natural and organic genre for puppet animation. The style of the authors does not exactly contradict the atmosphere of vague anxiety, but it looks specific. The very texture of the dolls, soft and woolen, contrasts with the pictures of decay and decay. People and animals with small eyes survive the destruction of what should have become a foothold in a terribly troubled world, and are destroyed along with it.

The Russian translation of the film does not quite convey that “The House” is not just a specific house, but ultimately just a room in which … anything can happen. And it is symbolic that the only life-affirming story of the anthology tells about the loss of a home and the search for a new one – which, perhaps, will not turn into anything yet.

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