The best meat substitute? We show you our 10 favourites

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Ham, meat loaf, minced meat, salmon, tuna, all kinds of sausages, Landjäger, cold cuts – all that and much more I would do it if I were king of Germany, are now available on a plant basis, without any dead animals. The products are currently shooting out of the ground like mushrooms. But not all of them are really a treat: Among the meat substitutes there are plenty of bad apples.

But which ones can you confidently access? So that you don’t have to munch through the entire range, we have created a list of our favorite meat substitutes, with information on the favorite meat substitutes price, the favorite meat substitutes retailer and we give a favorite meat substitutes score.

And of course we want to know: Which one is your favourite? Let’s create a nice watsonuser favorite meat substitutes list!

V-Love Veggie Nuggets

  • Is Corina Mühle and Raphael Strebel’s favorite meat substitute product
  • 4.95 Fr. for 16 pieces at Migros
  • Favorite Meat Substitutes Average Score: 5.5 (with Raphi noting that if they had been in dinosaur form they would have received a 6)

*We give school grades. 1 is the worst, 6 is the best grade.


«Why do I find the V-Love nuggets so awesome? They have just the right consistency – crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. These are the best veggie nuggets I’ve tried so far. And believe me, there were many…”

Corina Mühle (film editor)

«The nuggets are crispy and have an excellent consistency. In combination with sauces, you don’t even notice that it’s not a dead animal.”

Raphael Strebel (product development)

Festivo smoked stick

  • Is Sina Alpiger’s favorite meat substitute product
  • 2.95 Fr. at Coop
  • Grade from Sina: 5.75 (there is a deduction for the form)

«Although I eat vegan, I eat practically no substitute products – except for these sticks. They save me from a bad hangover, are a practical source of energy on hikes or bike tours lasting several days and remind me of real land hunters from my childhood.»

Sina Alpiger (Video Producer)

Planted Pulled BBQ

  • Is Markus Fischer’s favorite meat substitute
  • 6.95 Fr. at Coop
  • Grade from Markus: 5.5 (if it were organic, a 6)

«Thanks to the fine marinade and the al dente structure, the product is ideal for refining curries or as an ingredient for fajitas. I’ve been a big fan of their products since Planted was founded, especially in combination with the delicious marinades. The only downside is that the ingredients are not certified organic.»

Markus «fish» Fischer (Programmatic & Sales)

Wild Foods Wood Smoked

  • Is Megan Silberbauer’s favorite meat substitute
  • 8.95 Fr. at the Coop
  • Note: 6

«With an unbelievable four different ingredients, the manufacturer manages to offer me a top-class culinary delight in the form of smoked salmon – without a guilty conscience. How? With a carrot sensation.»

Megan Silberbauer (UX designer and deputy head of product development)

V-Love Burger

  • Is Peter Blunschi’s favorite meat substitute product
  • 5.50 Fr. at Migros
  • Grade from Peter: 5

«The vegan burger from Migros polarizes completely. You love him or hate him, there is hardly anything in between. I belong to the first group, although or maybe because it hardly tastes like meat.”

Peter Blunschi (Politics Editor)

Outlawz Vegetable Bacon Cubes

  • Is Chiara Hess’s favorite meat substitute
  • Costs 5.95 in the coop.
  • Note: 6

“It tastes better than it looks. This was confirmed by my meat-eating roommate. Serving suggestion: in a nut salad»

Chiara Hess (SoMe & Reportagenfotografin)

Vegan mill nuggets

  • Is Leo Helfenberger’s favorite meat substitute
  • Costs 3.29 Fr. at Lidl
  • Note: 6

“There are now so many veggie nuggets, but those from the Rügenwalder Mühle really top everything – even the meat ones. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and the nutritional values ​​aren’t that bad either. Really great!»

Leo Helfenberger (Head of SEO)

Tempeh Gyros Seasoning, organic

  • Is Chantal Stäubli’s favorite meat substitute
  • 4.10 Fr. at or Alnatura
  • Note: 6

“Tempeh is fermented tofu and has a bit more bite than tofu. And with gyros spice just awesome.»

Chantal Stäubli (SEO-Editor)

Outlawz Jerky

  • Is Patrick Toggweiler’s favorite meat substitute
  • 4.95 at Coop
  • Note: 5.25

«A great alternative to salami or Bündnerfleisch in a sandwich. In the finish, the not-so-dry dried meat is slightly reminiscent of vinegar. I like that though. Has a killer protein-to-fat-to-carb ratio.”

Patrick Toggweiler (Head of Debate Department)

V-Love Sea Style Sticks

  • Is the favorite meat substitute product of Ralf Meile and Sabeth Vela
  • 4.95 Fr. at Migros
  • Favorite meat substitute average rating: 5.75

“They taste like they were pulled straight from the sea by the captain. You still dip them in a sauce anyway.”

Ralf “Party” Mile (head of sports)

“Are better than real fish sticks because they don’t have the gritty texture of fish.”

Sabeth Vela (SoMe & Video editor)

So – and now you! What is your favorite meat substitute product?

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