The bohemian life of the best French skateboarders between California and France

From her duvet to the flag hanging on the wall, not forgetting her tap shoes, everything is white and blue, bearing the Olympique de Marseille logo. “There, I feel like at home”, he slips proudly by putting on his jersey. Even more than 9,000 km from Marseille, where he was born and raised. A glance at his Californian apartment in Encinitas, a coastal town of 60,000 inhabitants between San Diego and Los Angeles, and one understands the pure « lifestyle californien » of Vincent Matheron for three years, the one that makes so many riders dream. Surfboards are piled in a corner, screws and trucks lie on the carpet next to his sponsor’s caps. On a shelf, clothes left there by his friend and France teammate Aurélien Giraud, who often stays here during his visits to the United States.

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