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February 24, 2021

The branch hosted an online meeting with a famous film actor

On February 19, 2021, as part of a memorable evening organized by the Department of GiEND, an online meeting and conversation with the famous film actor Vladimir Dmitrievich Talashko took place in the branch in an online format.

Glory and fame in the USSR came to him after playing the characteristic role of Captain Skvortsov in the war film “Only” Old Men Go to Battle “(1973). The director of this legendary motion picture, as you know, was Leonid Bykov, whose fate is inextricably linked with Barnaul – as a teenager, during the Great Patriotic War from 1941 to 1943, he was evacuated here.

Vladimir Dmitrievich was a friend and ally of Leonid Bykov, until his tragic death. Later V. Talashko organized the Leonid Bykov Foundation, and also became the inspirer of the Old Films about the Main Festival.

During the online meeting, Vladimir Dmitrievich with joy in his eyes and an exciting tremor in his voice recalled the shooting of this film, interesting episodes. He emphasized that the main meaning of this legendary motion picture is that two global themes – Internationalism and Love – run like a red thread in it. According to V. Talashko, today we are all in dire need of these virtues. And in this film, in his opinion, L. Bykov managed to show that a war can be won not only with weapons, but also with a song, love for the Motherland, friendship between representatives of different nationalities. The meeting participants listened to the actor with great interest and enthusiasm.

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In conclusion, Vladimir Dmitrievich noted that it is the memory of the Great Patriotic War, of those who defended the world at the cost of their own lives, that unites us today. He thanked the organizers and participants of the online meeting and said in parting: “Good has no price. Thanks to the residents of Barnaul for giving shelter to the yellow mongrels during the war, among whom was Lenya Bykov. Thank!».

Reference: Vladimir Dmitrievich Talashko is a Soviet and Ukrainian actor. Organizer of the Leonid Bykov Foundation and the Old Films about the Main Festival. People’s Artist of Ukraine.

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