The Brussels public prosecutor’s office demands up to four years in prison for drug trafficking

The two men confessed to the facts after their arrest. According to their statements, they traveled to French Guiana, where they swallowed, between them, 111 pellets of cocaine. They then took a plane to Paris, then a Thalys to Brussels. They were then to join the Netherlands. However, they were intercepted at the customs checkpoint at Brussels-Midi station.

According to the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, the two men have already been convicted of theft, robbery and rape. The prosecutor therefore requested a prison sentence of four years for the first suspect and 40 months for the second.

The defense believes that this sentence is disproportionate.

“We are talking about old convictions, some of which date back to when my client was still a minor,” pleaded lawyer Eddy Cochez. “Besides, there was never any question of drugs. My client experienced financial difficulties after the breakdown of his marriage and descended into depression. He then developed bad associations. I ask the court to impose a sentence of up to 36 months in prison. »

The verdict will be delivered on July 29.

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