The Canadiens complete their transaction with the Coyotes

The trade a few months ago between the Canadiens and the Arizona Coyotes involving the striker Christian Dvorak is now complete.

It will be remembered that before the start of the season, the CH had acquired Dvorak in return for a conditional 1st round choice in 2022 as well as a 2nd round choice in 2024.

The condition was simple: If the 1st round pick of the Canadiens ended up outside the top-10, it was the one that would go to the Coyotes. Conversely, if the 1st round choice of the CH found himself in the top-10 at the end of the season, he was protected and it is rather the 1st round choice of the Carolina Hurricanes, acquired in the hostile offer from Jesperi Kotkaniemiwhich would be transferred to Arizona.

As reported by the journalist John Lu from TSNafter the defeat of the Canadian yesterday against the Winnipeg Jets, the Habs are now guaranteed to see their 1st round choice end up in the top-10 at the end of the season, thus completing the transaction with the Coyotes who will therefore put the hand on the choice of the Hurricanes.

Here is the final transaction: Christian Dvorak in return for the Hurricanes’ 2022 1st round pick and the Canadiens’ 2024 2nd round pick.

26 years old, Christian Dvorak compiles a record of 10 goals and 15 assists for a total of 25 points in 47 games so far this season. He has three more seasons left on his contract, earning him an average of $4.45 million per year.

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For reference, if the draft took place today, the Canadiens would have the 2nd overall pick while the Hurricanes’ pick would end up at 30th overall.

A great relief for the team management.

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