The captain of the legendary Tver yacht Nikolay Litau became a yachtsman of the XXI century

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Yacht Russia magazine summed up the year and named the symbols of Russian sailing for 20 years of the new century. The first laureate of the “Yachtsman of the XXI Century” prize was Nikolai Litau, the captain of the world-famous Tver yacht “Apostol Andrey”, on which he made three round-the-world tours.

The jury selected the winners according to several criteria: the importance of the applicant’s sports achievements over the past decade, recognition of this achievement by Russian and international experts, the personality of the candidate – his dedication, leadership qualities and love for sailing.

The jury named Nikolay Litau the Russian yachtsman of the XXI century – the captain who for the first time in history sailed the Northern Sea Route on a sailing yacht, and then bypassed North and South America. Thus, in 10 years, from 1996 to 2006, the “Apostle Andrey” made three round-the-world voyages, left 110 thousand nautical miles astern, visited all continents of the planet, passed all the oceans, circled the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica around the perimeter, established 5 world records.

The award was presented to the captain by Elena Subbotina, director of the sailing academy Yacht Russia, and Natalya Fedorova, head coach of the Russian Olympic team, reports

In addition to the new honorary status, Nikolai Litau is a full member of the Russian Geographical Society, holder of the Order of Courage, he was also awarded prestigious awards in world yachting: the Medal for Seamanship (Great Britain) and the Blue Water Medal , USA).

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