the Caracas mansion that was designed in Italy and became an icon of architecture

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January 13 2023, 7:23 pm


At the top of a hill in the southeast of Caracas, unknown to many, an iconic house appears suspended on the slope. From a distance it looks like it’s about to take flight.

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First it was called “El cerrito”, but today it is known as Villa Planchart, and countless praises have been written about it: that it is a work of art of 20th century modernism, an architectural jewel, an avant-garde monument, perhaps the most Gio Ponti, recognized as one of the most influential players in the post-war renewal of Italian architecture and design.

More than a hundred buildings bear his signature in almost a dozen countries, including the emblematic Pirelli Tower in Milan, which with its 32 floors was the tallest in the European Economic Community for several years since its completion in 1960 and dominated the horizon of the Italian economic capital for almost half a century.

Listed as “one of the most elegant skyscrapers in the world”, the Pirelli inspired the construction of other high-rise buildings, such as the MetLife Building in New York and the Alpha Tower in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

“Gio Ponti was not only an architect, but also a designer, writer, teacher; He did many things that changed the way we see design in the world, ”Cecilia Rostagni, professor of History of Architecture at the University of Sassari, in Italy, and an expert on Ponti’s work, tells BBC Mundo.

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