The Chrysler of the future will have a 37.2-inch infotainment screen

My partner Sergio Ríos used to tell me that one day we will drive a TV with wheels. And he is right because, seen what has been seen, we are approaching it. Chrysler has launched on the market a barbarity of screens almost like the smart tv that you have in your living room: nothing more and nothing less than 37.2 inch monitor.

With those credentials the infotainment screen that Chrysler will prepare for its future electric cars. In the photos you can see this barbarity called ‘Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator’. The Detroit company has designed this device to show the interior of future models of the American brand.

This ‘cockpit’ is expected to be installed in the first EV of the American firm, which It is scheduled for the year 2025 and will continue until 2028, where the range that is currently being cooked will be completed.

It has been speculated that the spectacular screen that will be the base of the infotainment will use the new STLA technologies from Stellantis that are based on “advanced AI technology” and a virtual personal assistant that can synchronize “all aspects of the customer’s digital lifestyle “. Advertises the Michigan brand.

Customer Focused Design

“The Chrysler Synthesis shown at CES 2023 represents the future of Chrysler brand design, technology and customer experience by presenting a uniquely customer-focused design. Plus, you’ll have technology that’s intuitive and seamlessly connected for real life,” said Chris Feuell, chief executive officer of the Chrysler brand.

But not everything will be technology in the new Chrysler. There is also innovation in other sections of its models. Design and materials are also going to take over future Chryslers.

Without going any further into the two-seat design, we’ll look at flooring that will be walnut, post-industrial or recycled ocean plastics, and a pair of seats that are “vegetable-tanned suspended seats wrapped with arctic recycled chrome-free soft trim trimmed with a unique constellation style piercing.” Amen.

We’ve been told that this all builds on last year’s CES unveiling of the Chrysler Airflow Concept, and that the Synthesis Demonstrator is ready for Level 3 autonomous driving. Though it probably still needs a steering wheel somewhere. And we are not going to think about the price either. 2025 will come…

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