The clamor grows in the USA to remove Trump after his failed coup in Congress

Democratic and Republican leaders and congressmen begin to make contact to articulate an ‘impeachment’ through the emergency route

The Republican Senator for the State of Alaska Lisa Murkowski told The Anchored Daily News, regarding Donald Trump’s support for the assault on the US Congress: ‘I want this one out’, from the White House it is understood. And he is not the only one of the GOP (Grand Old Party) Senators calling for Trump’s removal from office, and supporting the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who is preparing an impeachment against Trump.

A list of 17 Republican senators is mentioned who are willing to remove Trump from office, when in reality 6 senators from this party would be enough to remove him from the White House. The place where Trump still remains a refugee. Whom Twitter and Facebook have closed his accounts where he had his propaganda and lies apparatus and more than 88 million followers.

The same Trump who has announced that he will not attend the ceremony on the 20th for the swearing in of President Joe Biden who has responded by saying: ‘better not come’. And when concerns grow that Trump, in the remaining 10 days of his presidency, may once again act against the law and against democracy.

That is why President Pelosi went to the Pentagon’s military commands to ask them to block the codes of nuclear weapons that Trump still has because she considers the president a dangerous character for the United States and world Peace.

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Fascists and Nazis

Five dead and 14 wounded is the balance of the fascist attack on the US Congress by the violent followers of Donald Trump, in an attack without precedent in the history of this country that has shocked the nation and amazed the whole world by seeing how the Hordes of Trump, without anyone opposing it, stormed the seat of national sovereignty of what was, until now, the first democracy in the free world.

And if the political and institutional tension grows in the US Congress, the same occurs in the media debate where politicians and analysts begin to use the words of fascism and Nazism to describe the performance and responsibility of Trump and his allies in the attack on the Congress of the 6th.

As ‘fascist’ the Nobel Prize in Economics Paul Krugman describes Trump and his followers and Republican leaders and congressmen. As well as the media that, like Vox, have been cheering the big lies of ‘Trumpism’ and about which Krugman has published an article in the newspaper El País entitled ‘It’s time to stand up to the fascists’.

President-elect Joe Biden himself has placed in the style of Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels the Trump-like senators from Texas and Missouri, Ted Cruz and Jose Hawley. What are two rough agitators and compulsive liars and that on the 6th and after the assault on Congress they still tried to abort the congressional vote to certify Biden’s victory with amendments that were widely defeated.

Coincidence of Trump’s lies and speeches with fascism and Nazism that have been circulating for several years in American politics where these violent movements agitate nationalism, xenophobia against immigration and racism. Those who are, along with the blatant lies, the mantras repeat these far-right movements that were at the origin of World War II.

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El impeachment

There are 10 days left for Biden to assume the presidency but in the US Congress they do not seem willing for Trump to end his term with impunity and they are trying to remove him by means of an urgent impeachment that would be put in Macha this Monday the 11th, once the Vice President Mike Pence has refused to use the route of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution that allows half of the Government to remove the president for ‘incapacity’.

At this moment, it seems that there are majorities in the House of Representatives and the US Senate to initiate and carry out the impeachment, despite the fact that they must use an urgent and implacable procedure in the paperwork to avoid obstructionism from Trump’s allies. But if the impeachment is achieved, Trump – who is awaiting the courts for these events and other alleged crimes – will be expelled from the White House by force and without honor, as this coup plotter and boastful deserves.

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