The competition takes place in Liverpool

According to the BBC, Liverpool are convinced of the “strongest overall offer”. As the home of the Beatles, the city has a long and rich musical history, attracting visitors from all over the world each year. Decision criteria included venue capacity, resource availability, and overall experience of hosting large events.

Thus, the third largest city in England defeated its rivals Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield. These seven cities had previously been selected. Twenty cities have expressed interest in hosting the Economic and Social Council in Great Britain. The country has already hosted the competition eight times, most recently 25 years ago. It took place four times in London, as well as in Edinburgh, Brighton, Harrogate and Birmingham.

British musician Sam Ryder took second place this year. The Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra has instead won the Economic and Social Council of Turin. The BBC announced that the 2023 contest will be “a true reflection of Ukrainian culture, highlighting the diversity of British music and creativity”.

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