The contagious virus that is making tourists sick at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park alerted its visitors by a highly contagious virus that was detected in some people who visited the reserva in Arizona in recent months.

The park authorities indicated that the reports of cases of visitors with symptom of one gastrointestinal disease They started last May.

The health authorities identified that the symptoms of the tourists coincided with those of norovirus and analyzed the agua during eight trips in rafting, which confirmed the suspicions. So far there are 118 infected with the virus.

Los Centers for Disease Control and Prevention details that the norovirus cause inflammation in the stomach and intestines intestines. In addition, he warns that it is highly contagious. “If you get sick from norovirusyou can release billions of virus particles and with just a small amount of these particles other people can get sick, “he says.

Other forms of transmission illness is by ingesting food or water contaminated with the virus.

So far, the exact cause of the infections in the country has not been detected. Grand Canyonbut the authorities suspect what could be the water Colorado Riveras well as the streams and materials that come out of it.

The recommendation for tourists of National Park is not to use el non-potable water for any kind of use. To avoid infections it is also important to wash your hands constantly.

Some hikers have told local media that when visiting the Grand Canyon National Park several visitors have been observed vomiting while touring the reserve.

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norovirus symptoms

The CDC indicates that people with norovirus they can present symptoms between 12 and 48 hours after being exposed. These are the main signs of the disease:

– Diarrhea

– Threw up

– Pain in the stomach

– Nausea

– Headache

– Fever

– Body pain

Due to diarrhea and vomiting, people can also develop dehydration.

Health specialists point out that generally people with norovirus do not require treatment and recover from symptom after about three days.

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