The coronavirus took him away from his loves: his medical wife and wheelchair football

Richard George is English, lives in Walsall, a town on the outskirts of Birmingham and the pandemic took him away from two of his loves: it has been more than a year that he has not played football in a motorized wheelchair with his team, West Bromwich Albion. , champion in 2020, and stopped living with his new wife, who is a doctor, to avoid catching the coronavirus.

Richard has type 2 osteogenesis imperfecta, known colloquially as crystal bones, a congenital disorder that causes excessive brittleness of the bones and therefore an increased chance of fractures.

“I think that people with disabilities are labeled as ‘not sociable’, when in reality I am a very sociable and outgoing type,” he defined himself in an interview with Télam, in which he delved into how the third strict confinement affects him. the United Kingdom is engulfed by the exponential rise in cases due to a new strain that is 70% more contagious.

“I rarely stay. I play football in a wheelchair for West Bromwich Albion, which I haven’t been able to do for over a year ”, he highlighted as an example of that grip he has, but which he must now contain because he belongs to a risk group.

The virus took him away from sports, but mainly it took him away, at least physically, from his wife, a doctor who was on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus by working in an Intensive Care Unit.

“Because I was in the extremely vulnerable category, we decided it would be safer to live apart,” he said.

Alice, whom he married on July 19, 2019, moved into the home of Richard’s cousin, who in turn went to live with him to help him, and this couple spent part of their first year of marriage in a relationship by video call.

“She struggled through the first wave living alone, which was very difficult for her and me. Trying to support your wife through a video call is not ideal when all you need is a big hug, “said Richard, who like his life partner is 32 years old.

“She really struggled. He had to take a little time to receive therapy for what he experienced. The therapy seems to be going very well and she will go back to work in the next few weeks, “he said. (Télam)

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