The Country of Knowledge magazine continues to foster interest in science

The first issue of 2021 is posted on the website of the popular science magazine “Country of Knowledge”.

In an article by the editor-in-chief of the journal “SThe most important thing is to instill a taste and love for science …”It says that the main task of the journal is to develop and expand the scientific worldview, to interest in science. A questionnaire is offered, the answers to the questions of which will help in creating the journal.

From the new issue you will learn what Yuri Vladimirovich Linnik, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, a member of the Bureau of the Mathematics Department of the USSR Academy of Sciences, who was noted for outstanding discoveries in three mathematical sciences, contributed to the development of mathematics.

Of the many proportions that people have long used when creating harmonic works, there is one, the only one, which has unique properties. Let’s talk about the “golden ratio”.

We will tell you who and how measured the circumference of the Earth more than two thousand two hundred years ago.

In the article “Genealogy of Matter” we will briefly consider the sequence of thermonuclear reactions in stars in which chemical elements heavier than hydrogen and helium have appeared.

The reader will read a lot of interesting things from the history of meteorites in the article “Fire Serpents from Space”, about the scientists who studied meteorites.

How much water should you drink? Learn from the article “Drink water! The Evidence-Based Science Viewpoint.

January 27, 1944 – the day of the complete lifting of the blockade of Leningrad. This date is dedicated to the wonderful article “Olga Berggolts:” … And the globe is proud of Leningrad. “

The issue also tells about three works from the collection of the Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, which well demonstrate how the image of the Madonna was perceived from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, and serve as an excellent example of their era and country.

The popular scientific journal “Country of Knowledge” (Ukraine) was founded in 2007, the site of the journal has existed since 2016 with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

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