The creator of “Sherlock” said he was ready to continue the project if Cumberbatch and Freeman return | 01/03/2023

January 3 – VOICE. The popular project stayed on the air for four seasons, after which the authors released one Christmas special episode.

The story of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in modern London has gained great popularity and love of viewers around the world. This is reminiscent of the online information publication

In the center of events were the famous detectives from the novels of Arthur Conan Doyle, who fight crime in the realities of the British capital of the twenty-first century.

The creators of the series did not officially announce the closure of Sherlock, but the production of the fifth season was never started due to the tightened schedule of Cumberbatch and Freeman, who embodied the images of the main characters and became the hallmark of this project.

The director of the series last December revealed that “the door [шоу] never completely shut down.” He’s open to returning if actors Cumberbatch and Freeman want to continue with the project.

Earlier, GLAS reported: the clue to the profession of the protagonist of the film “The Irony of Fate” was on the surface.

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