The daughter of Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin published new photos with her boyfriend in honor of the anniversary of the relationship

Lisa Varum with her boyfriend Kyle

The 21-year-old daughter of Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin Lisa has been living with her grandmother in Miami for many years. The girl, like her stellar parents, is fond of music and is actively blogging on Instagram. On its pages, Lisa talks not only about her work, but also publishes photos with friends and a boyfriend named Kyle.

Yesterday the girl and her boyfriend celebrated exactly one year since the beginning of the novel. On this occasion, Lisa not only shared new pictures with Kyle, but also told the story of their acquaintance, and also confessed her love to her boyfriend.

Lisa Varum and KyleLisa Varum and Kyle

Exactly one year ago that day I met Kyle at the show. Our meeting happened even before the whole world collapsed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now I understand why people could not forget the love story of Meredith and Derek (the main characters of the series Grey’s Anatomy. – Ed.) For so long. I understand what people think about when they talk about love – the very concept that at some point was completely lost to me. When I met you, I just wanted to get better. I didn’t know why I needed this, but I did it anyway. And I’m getting better so far.

This year made me realize how rarely people really want the best for others. He helped us to stop thinking that someone else’s choice affects us, and made us hold on to hope to the last. I think it will always be that way. Thank you for your love. Even though this process took us some time in the beginning, we will consider this day as the official starting line of our relationship. Happy first anniversary of the absolute love of my life (and happy International Day for Kyle and Liz to everyone else),

– wrote Lisa on her instagram.

Lisa Varum and Kyle

Lisa’s boyfriend is the lead singer of the Palomino Blond group. Young people were once brought together by the love of music. Initially, the girl and her lover had big creative plans for 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic has put everything in its place. As a result, the lovers spent quarantine together, which, apparently, only strengthened their relationship.

Lisa Varum and Kyle

Before meeting with Kyle, Lisa Varum met with musician Mark Angelo for several years. Lisa’s parents were familiar with her boyfriend and approved of her choice. The girl even dreamed of a wedding with her lover, but at some point they suddenly decided to leave. Later, the daughter of Varum and Agutin admitted that she just became bored in this relationship.

Lisa Varum with ex-boyfriend MarkLisa Varum with ex-boyfriend Mark

Recall that Lisa is the only child of Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin. While still very young, the baby moved to the United States with her maternal grandparents. The decision to give the girl up to parents Varum and Agutin was made because of the need to constantly travel around the world to provide for the family. At the same time, Angelica and Leonid regularly visit their daughter in America. SPLETNIK.RU has already talked about Lisa’s life in more detail in one of the recent materials.

Angelica Varum with her daughter LisaAngelica Varum with her daughter Lisa

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