The death of an American worker in a strange way causes an airport to close for hours

Officials at Montgomery Airport, Alabama, said that an American Airlines ground crew member was killed in an accident that closed the airport for hours.

“We express our regret over the incident that occurred to a member of the Piedmont Airlines team, an American Airlines affiliate, at Montgomery Airport,” ABC news quoted a spokesperson for American Airlines as saying.

The spokesman added, “We are all with the family of the deceased, and we are currently focusing on providing all forms of support they need.”

The spokesman did not reveal any details related to the accident, but the Intel Point Alert account, which specializes in following up accident news in the United States, said in a tweet that the worker who died was responsible for putting bags on the plane, and he died of his injuries as a result of being pulled from the jet engine.

The death of an entire family in an accident in Algeria

In another incident, at the end of the year 2022, Algeria witnessed an unfortunate incident, which was the death of an entire family from gas suffocation.

The accident occurred in the municipality of Chachar in Khenchela, northeastern Algeria, and resulted in the death of an entire family consisting of 4 people.

The Algerian General Directorate of Civil Protection said in a post on its Twitter account that the cause of death was suffocation from gas leaking from the house heater.

The publication added that “the deceased are a man, two women and a child, who were poisoned by inhaling carbon monoxide gas.”

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