The death penalty is a defeat for humanity

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Tomorrow, January 12, Lisa Montgomery will be executed in the United States, guilty of a bloody crime.

Violence, especially the most brutal, always arouses conflicting feelings. Of pity for the victim. Of aversion to the author.

But, in order for hatred and moralism not to feed a justicialism that has little to do with justice, it is necessary that decisions remain impervious to emotions, subjective emotions and ideological preconceptions.

So, out of all rhetoric and lucidly looking at the facts, one wonders if it is acceptable that there are still many countries that foresee the possibility of capital punishment. USA, Iran, Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados. Among others.

Apart from any arid consideration regarding the concrete usefulness of the measure, in true deterrent efficacy that is almost zero, the death penalty remains the highest degree of violation of fundamental rights, anachronistically anchored to cultural settings that do not suit the level of evolution of modern civilizations and the inclusive spirit that leads to assigning to the sanction a non-punitive but re-educational purpose.

The teaching of Cesare Beccaria is sadly topical, denouncing all the illogicality of the death penalty in distant times, in time and in customs.

«It seems absurd to me that the laws which are the expression of the public will, which detest and punish murder, commit one themselves, and, in order to keep citizens away from murder, order a public murder“. It was 1764.

Yet, despite the struggles for the affirmation of human rights, the goal has not yet been achieved.

To honor the sacrifice of the conquest of human rights, Italy cannot stand by and watch.

Meritocracy Italy distances itself from all forms of justicialism and appeals to the rulers, today in particular to the newly elected President Biden, who adhere to the universal moratorium on the death penalty ratified by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 18, 2007, taking action to ensure that the

death sentences already imposed are commuted to life imprisonment and order is finally restored in the hierarchy of values.

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