The decision of Belén Esteban that could give the finishing touch to everything ‘Save me’

Has she had enough of Save me Belén Esteban?  Planning your jump to another prominent show on the network?

Belén Esteban and Jorge Javier Vázquez | Telecinco

The pink chronicle of It’s Federico’s morning counted on Isabel González, Daniel Carande and Carlos Pérez Gimeno to address all current social issues. Including the growing discomfort of Belén Esteban with Save me, format that gave him fame, especially after his last confrontation with Jorge Javier Vázquez. So much so that Belén would have asked to stay away from the format on the days that the Catalan presents it.

In Telecinco, in any case, they have been imposing the law of silence on this issue for days. Belén Esteban has not been seen again, and nothing has been commented on on sets so usually prone to fueling controversy. Which could mean that precisely this time he is serious. The collaborator already gave it to understand this way in words addressed to It’s Federico’s morning with a concise “we’ll talk”.

All this as a result of that “different” row that took place last week but that adds to a whole series of disagreements between the two, former friends. The moment brought up another of the usual rumors in Telecinco: that Belén Esteban would be pointing towards Live life, a program directed by the former head of Save me and Belén’s personal friend (and best man), Raúl Prieto.

“Alaska pointed out one thing, that other formats have emerged. They are developing parallel formats that could replace Save me“Federico Jiménez Losantos pointed out about a possible movement that, if it occurs, could be a serious blow to the veteran Telecinco space.

The journalist Daniel Carande wondered in esRadio if the “absence of Bethlehem in Save me for a row has nothing to do with that visit he made to the set of Live life“. Is Belén Esteban considering making the change at the weekend?

Jiménez Losantos then pointed out that in Save me “The famous axis of evil is no longer, everything is the curator Jorge Javier Vázquez. As a format it is already starting to be expensive and there are two or three that are testing. The one of Live life it has more traces. “


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