the dreams of only three characters will be fulfilled by the “Moon of the Rose” on December 8

The eighth of December will fulfill the most cherished desires of the three signs of the zodiac. On this day, the Full Moon will come. The inhabitants of the southern hemisphere called it “Honey” or “Rose Moon”. All representatives of the zodiac circle will be on the verge of fateful changes. But only three signs of the zodiac were chosen by the Moon as her favorites. This is reported “Seven days”.

Virgos will be able to gather their strength and fulfill any desires related to self-realization and gaining independence. Your personal life will also improve. There is a chance to meet your soul mate. And if the Virgo dreamed of a child, then this dream can become a reality.

Sagittarians will be lucky in their careers. And there is a nuance. Usually dreams do not succeed if they are aimed at fighting with third parties. But the “Honey” Full Moon will help Sagittarius put in place a colleague who is opposed to them. There will be an opportunity to avenge groundless rumors, gossip and ridiculous accusations. It is important not to play too much and not demand disproportionate punishment. Also, no one canceled the banal promotion and praise of the authorities.

Aquarius will have a dream related to vacation and recreation. Something unusual is waiting for them in the near future if they find a free moment in their busy schedule. A partner will also please them. Possibly a romantic date. As for work, representatives of this sign will receive an influential patron who will fulfill all their ambitious dreams, however, a little later.

There is also a chance to win the lottery. Let it be a little, but it is very pleasant.

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