The electoral system in the USA systematically discriminates against broad voters – letters to the editor

To: “In the end, Joe Biden was elected quite normally”, contribution by Frank Herrmann (Politics, December 16)

The US presidential elections are astonishing the world. The results of the states have now been certified and Joseph Biden has the 306 electoral men and women who mathematically produced the election result.

But appearances bear and do it tremendously. With just 45,000 more votes for the Republicans, spread across the states of Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin, Biden’s lead with the electorate would be neutralized, despite around seven million more votes. In 2016, Hillary Clinton had a three million vote lead, and lost. This is due to the American electoral system, which traditionally and systemically gives greater weight to rural states.

However, the demographic development in the USA is increasingly reducing the weight of Protestant whites in the population. The USA is becoming more diverse, more colorful. We must be concerned about how the Republicans, the majority party of the dwindling majority, deny the legitimacy of the President-Elect. The American electoral system systematically discriminates against broad voters. Majorities are created through the deliberate design of the electoral districts. At the state level, too, election results are converted into Republican victories, cementing the majority in the second chamber. This will not change without a fundamental reform of the electoral law and constitution, but there is no political majority in sight. The spectacle will repeat itself in four years.

We now know: a Democratic candidate needs seven million more votes than a Republican candidate. At least. There is a risk that a more intelligent candidate than Donald Trump could attack American democracy more successfully, and that would be bad news for all of us. Otto Kaiser, Staufen

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