The emotional message of Irma Miranda after representing Mexico

Mexico. – the happiness of Irma Mirandathe young Sonoran who will represent Mexico in the beauty contest Miss Universe 2022it shows on the surface, because, through networks, he shared a emotional message prior to the show, where along with other semifinalist contestants, it will be announced who will be the new Beauty Queen.

The 71st installment of the Miss Universe 2022 beauty pageant will take place today, Saturday, January 14, 2023, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. However, the representative of Mexico, Irma Miranda, originally from Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, was left as a semifinalist next to contestants such as; Colombia, the United States, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Italy, among others.

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However, along with the last Miss Universe Mexico such as Ximena Navarrete (2010), Andrea Meza (2020), and Lupita Jones (1991) the new representative, Irma Miranda Miss Universe 2022, shared an emotional message where he thanked life, God and the universe for the opportunity to realize one of your dreams.

“Tomorrow will be a great day. If God allows me, we will repeat this photo with a new title. I feel very grateful to him, to life and to the universe for allowing me to go as far as I have up to now. Without a doubt, when you trust in your potential, when you love yourself and know that you deserve to live extraordinary moments, God sends you opportunities, but if you take it, if you live it and take advantage of it, it depends entirely on you,” wrote the 26-year-old who will represent Mexico in the beauty pageant, miss Universe 2023.

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Likewise, the representative of Mexico in the Miss Universe 2023 beauty pageant, Irma Mirada, received thousands of compliments and good wishes to emerge triumphant in the contest which will take place on January 14, 2023 and will be broadcast live on the Miss Universe and Azteca Uno YouTube channel starting at 6:00 p.m. Pacific time in Mexico.

“The 4th is already yuta”, “Let’s go for the 4th crown”, “You deserve all the best”, “Let’s hope you swallow the crown for Mexico”, “The fourth crown is yours Irma, you can”, “Mexico and We are ready for this 4th crown”, “I love them, they are beautiful”, “You are already a winner Irma”, “You have all of Mexico believing in you”, are some of the comments from users where they sent all the good vibes to Irma Miranda, representative of Mexico in the beauty contest Miss Universe 2022.

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