The engine of an airplane ‘eats’ an airport employee | Airline News

When a jet plane starts its engines, it begins to suck in air with great power, being able to drag anything that is within a short distance. It is not the first time that an aviation employee dies for this reason. And it has happened again.

This time the misfortune took place at the Montgomery Regional airport in Alabama, as confirmed by the American authorities. A Piedmont Airlines plane, which operates for American Airlines and came from Dallas, “swallowed” a worker in charge of unloading luggage. The plane had just arrived at its parking lot, after landing and taxiing down the runways looking for its location. The chocks that immobilize the aircraft had already been put on. At that moment, obviously before the engines completely stalled, the employee was swept away by the power of the air.

The NTSB, a state body that investigates accidents, has taken control of the investigation to find out how it happened. The name of the victim has not yet been released, which will be provided locally in the next few hours.

The aircraft was an Embraer E175.

According to CNN, the worker would be on the track when the accident occurred. Baggage workers can move around the runway even when the planes have their engines running, but these movements are restricted in space to avoid being dragged into the plane or thrown from its rear force.

In Spain, in Tenerife, Canary Islands, a mechanic for the LTE airline, with its main base in Mallorca, died on June 16, 2008, when an A320 plane that had to fly to Poland sucked the employee in a test run of the engines .

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