The execution of Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on “death row” in the United States, was suspended

Lisa Montgomery. Courtesy of Attorneys for Lisa Montgomery/Handout via REUTERS/Archivo (Handout ./)

A US federal judge suspended the execution scheduled for Tuesday of Lisa Montgomery, sentenced to death, pending a jurisdiction hearing on the case.

As reported by CNN, Judge James Hanlon ordered the suspension with the aim that this hearing can take place, which still has no date.

His order suspends execution with lethal injection Montgomery, scheduled for Tuesday at the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Complex, Indiana.

Lisa Montgomery, 52, was convicted in 2007 of strangling a 23-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant in 2004 to take her baby, which was later recovered safe and sound by the authorities.

lisa montgomery
Little Victoria Stinnett, whom the killer had christened Abigail

Montgomery’s attorney, Kelley Henry, who has long argued that her client suffered brain damage from beatings she received as a child and suffering from psychosis and other mental illnesses, had defined the decision to execute her as an “injustice”.

“In the grip of her mental illness, Lisa committed a terrible crime”Henry, a public defender from Nashville, Tennessee, said in a statement. “However, she immediately expressed deep regret and was willing to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence without the possibility of release “he added.

Lisa Montgomery has long accepted full responsibility for her crime and will never get out of jail. But her severe mental illness and the devastating effects of her childhood trauma make executing her a profound injustice, “he said.

The kidnapped baby, Victoria Jo, who is now 16 years old, she was raised by her father.

Lisa MontgomeryLisa Montgomery
Zeb Stinnett and the little girl he called Victoria

If the execution were carried out, it would be the first by a woman in America in nearly 70 years and it would take place just a few days before taking office as president of Joe Biden, who opposes the death penalty.

A spokesman for the Democrat told the news agency AP that the elected president “Opposes the death penalty now and in the future” and what will he try terminate your application. However, representatives for Biden did not say if there would be a pause in executions immediately when he takes office.

The last woman executed by federal justice was Bonnie Brown Heady, convicted of kidnapping and murder and executed on December 18, 1953, according to the registry of the Bureau of Prisons. That same year she was executed in the electric chair Ethel Rosenberg, Convicted with her husband for a crime of espionage for the Soviet Union.

Executions at the federal level resumed in 2020 in the United States, after 17 years without such deaths.



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