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He planned to write about the shameful theater staged by the followers of Donald Trump in his failed attempt at what some presume to be a coup. But you know, there are more important things to talk about, the lesson for the United States is exhibited worldwide, I hope it is clear to you that they are not the best, nor do they have the perfect democracy.

But what should be clear to the whole world is the reality that lately is taking my sleep away, the number of coronavirus infections hits harder. The number of infected is alarming, swimming more in Arizona in a single day more than 17,200 cases of Covid-19 were reported, occupying the shameful first place in infections internationally.

I have just written about a case of a family of 16 infected by a recent reunion, one of them is fighting for his life connected to a ventilator, and the other affected, yesterday lost his life.

But it turns out that the people who are attacked by this bug are getting closer and closer, my nephews, my uncles, my cousins, my best friends, my neighbors, my colleagues. It’s so overwhelming that sometimes I start to feel like I’m on an island where guilt surfaces just because I have the privilege of not getting sick.

Days ago I spoke with a great friend about his experience of entering a hospital because his pneumonia did not allow him to breathe, and while he related his experience to me, he felt that he was living a passage of Dante Alighieri slowly going to hell in search of his beloved Beatriz.

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Let me tell you, because I was always curious about what happened to people who crossed the emergency threshold and were disconnected from their family and the world.

Here is the short story: Samuel arrived at the hospital alone, although he was reluctant to enter the hospital, fearing never to return home. Once you arrive, you identify yourself with coronavirus, then you cross the bridge between life and death and you are taken into a corridor that leads to a large room called the “purple zone.”

In that room, Samuel was afraid that his contagion would increase, since most of the people are in critical condition. I saw people who couldn’t stop coughing, choking, struggling to keep breathing. Most covered their faces in shame at their condition, their eyes red with irritation, fading in the chairs and the needy hooked up to an oxygen tank.

That room was the antechamber of hell, and those people were not even in a position to demand a bed, which obviously were not available, the majority remained in a fetal position waiting for a divine signal to be able to obtain a room in intensive care, a ventilator. , specialized medical care, “we were like dogs abandoned in a deserted street,” he described.

Samuel spent three days in that purgatory, while he watched as stretchers were improvised for the large number of infected people who did not stop arriving hour after hour. After suffering in that space reserved for those who wait for a chance to live, with the oxygen almost reaching eighty, and in a mental delirium, he was able to obtain a bed for emergency care.

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Up there, in a room shared by three other people fighting for their lives, he felt a little closer to paradise.

Down there, the gnashing and gnashing of teeth continued, something very similar to “The Divine Comedy”, and although it seems like a novel far from reality, it is so faithful to human feeling.

I said it and I support it, there are much deeper issues that should concern us. Much more transcendent than a horde of unscrupulous racists. For today, we must be concerned with respecting the commandments of Covid-19, to never step on the threshold of hell.

* Correspondent in Arizona and New Mexico of the International Efe News Agency.

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