the first after 67 years

The exceptional sentence, the first in 67 years by the federal government of the only woman on death row, will not take place. 8 days after taking office Joe BidenContrary to the death penalty, a court presided over by Judge Patrick Hanlan ordered the suspension of the execution Lisa Montgomery.

America, one woman to death: this is the first federal sentence in 67 years

Anna Lombardi

October 18, 2020

In December 2004, Montgomery murdered 23-year-old Bobby Joe Stenet by taking a baby out of a woman’s womb and then trying to pass it off as her own. Topeka Capital-Journal reported that the judge acknowledged the deviation, citing the need to assess Montgomery’s mental abilities. The sentence was handed down today at the Federal Correctional Facility in Terre Haw, Indiana.

Montgomery’s lawyers said childhood sexual abuse led to “brain damage and severe mental illness.” His stepfather denied sexual assault against him, including saying he did not have a good memory when he was presented with a statement acknowledging the physical violence. Montgomery’s mother, on the other hand, said she never denounced the man because she feared for her own life and that of her daughter.

Usa, a woman on the gallows on the eve of the agreement

Massimo Basile

January 2, 2021

Lisa strangled Stenet with a rope after performing a caesarean section. Now a 16-year-old girl, Victoria Joe, and has never spoken in public about the incident.

The woman was to be executed on 8 December. The execution is suspended after the contract with Kovid.

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