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Beijing time:2021-01-12 12:56

[New Tang Dynasty News, January 12, 2021, Beijing time]On Monday, the first lady of the United States Melania issued a statement reviewing the disaster caused by the CCP virus to the United States and condemning the violence that hit Congress on January 6. In addition, President Trump ordered the White House to lower flags at half-mast on Sunday to mourn the victims.

On Monday, the US First Lady Melania issued a statement condemning the violence that occurred in Congress on January 6, praying for the families of the victims, and emphasizing that violence can never be accepted.

At present, the number of people killed in the incident has increased to seven, including Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt, Capitol Police Brian Shinnick, Benjamin Phillips of Pennsylvania, Kevin Gleason of Alabama, Rosanne Boylan of Joe State, and Capitol Police Howard Libengood who committed suicide.

Melania also condemned the physical attacks against her.

The statement said: “I am disappointed and frustrated with what happened last week. It is shameful that around these tragedies, there have been vile rumors, unfounded personal attacks, and false and misleading accusations against me.”

Like President Trump, Melania said that now is the time for the United States to heal.

She reminded voters that they cannot turn their enthusiasm for the election into violence, and that mutual help and compassion are the true American spirit.

However, there is evidence that those who broke into Congress included left-wing extremists disguised as Trump supporters.

Melania also thanked the people for their support to her and President Trump in the past four years.

The statement said: “The most important thing is that I want our great nation to heal, be graceful, understand, and maintain peace.”

In addition, President Trump ordered the White House to lower the flag at half-mast on Sunday to mourn the victims of the Congressional incident.

Comprehensive report by NTD reporters Bi Xinci and Mingyu

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