The former Patriots Super Bowl champion comes to the defense of Mac Jones after Boomer Esiason’s attack.

While Patriots QB Mac Jones has been criticized for his foul play in recent weeks, Boomer Esiason doesn’t like his… body language?

Mac Jones has been through a lot this year, and having Matt Patricia as his offensive coordinator doesn’t help. Jones took a big step back from his rookie campaign, in which Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels was the CO.

Jones looked downright confused at times, struggling to keep track of his progress. The fact that he missed a few games through injury doesn’t help, but getting outplayed by a certain Bailey Zappe wasn’t in the cards for this season.

The Alabama product was recently fined for poor play on Bengals defenseman Eli Apple. This fine has been paid, but Boomer Esiason does not forget. Rather than blaming Jones for his questionable behavior, Esiason lashed out at the Pats quarterback’s body language.

“Here’s the thing I really hate about Mac Jones if you want to get to the root of the problem. His body language, his facial expressions, his gyrations on the pitch – it pisses me off. There is a certain bullshit in these gestures. I don’t know how else to explain it”. Esiason said.

It’s strange.

Patriots: Christian Fauria defending Mac Jones

Esiason seems to have a real disdain for Jones, all because he’s a little upset about his attack. Sure, he could be better, but he’s only in his second year. Leave the kid alone.

Former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria, who co-hosts a radio show in the area, came to Jones’ defense.

Fauria suggests that the coaching staff deserve the blame, and not just Jones. As a second-year professional player, Jones has limited control over the Patriots’ offense and struggles. Patricia, however, failed as a head coach and is now failing in the level of power Bill Belichick gave her.

It doesn’t work in New England.

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