The Golden Scorpion denounced on social networks having tried a raw chicken hamburger in a famous food chain

Alex Montiel who plays the “Golden Scorpion” shared his annoyance on networks because KFC sold him one of its products that was poorly prepared. (Instagram/goldenescorpion/mikepazphoto)

Alex Montiel, interpreter of golden scorpion, shared through his Twitter account an unappetizing image of a product from large fast food companies, a fried chicken burger of the transnational company Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) that contained raw meat. The youtuber explained that he realized the state of his food after taking a bite.

The 41-year-old Mexican driver also showed the images of the chicken hamburger, which caused revulsion among the followers of the brother of the Werever tumorro. It was a breaded chicken breast, which although the texture was fried, the meat had a pink huewhich indicated that it needed to be cooked for a longer time.

In addition, Alex Montiel revealed the place where he bought said food and in one of the images he shows his discontent face: “KFC CHEDRAUI AJUSCO… I will put the photo of the first bite I took (and that thank God I did not swallow) and I will let you define this food:”, said the former member of the Werevertumorro Crew.

Fried chicken burger in raw state.  (Twitter/@AlexMonthy)
Fried chicken burger in raw state. (Twitter/@AlexMonthy)

Alex Montiel made the publication on the night of December 22 and so far The KFC Mexico account has not ruled on this complaint. although many netizens have responded to the tweet from the creator of the Golden Scorpion character. Most of them explain that sometimes bad times have passed because the food is not well cooked.

It should be noted that Alex Montiel is a youtuber recognized in Mexico for his character the Golden Scorpion, who does interviews with celebrities on his channel, with the section scorpion at the wheel. The Peluche en el Estuche channel where this audiovisual material is uploaded has more than 9 million subscribers. One of the videos with the most views is the one with the actress Karla Souzawith 24 million views.

Alex Montiel upset for having tried a raw fried chicken burger.  (Twitter/@AlexMonthy)
Alex Montiel upset for having tried a raw fried chicken burger. (Twitter/@AlexMonthy)

The content creator’s post went viral, so many people reacted to this fact, many took it comically, while others warned that it is not healthy to eat at this fast food place. The most prominent comments from Twitter users regarding this topic are the following:

“I have a similar experience with this same branch, it’s good that you realized it in time! But I second the load of complaints, because I don’t want to die the next time I order some KeTiras; I love KFC, possibly the most, but that half-alive chicken thing has also happened to me from time to time; The last time I ate chicken from KFC it hurt me. Between stomach pain and nausea, I released her. It was at the KFC in Genoa (Zona Rosa), “I promised myself never to consume their products again. It’s good that you didn’t eat that mess” and “The exact same thing happened to meI complained to @KFC_MEXICO, they called me about 5 times, they promised me a discount and even went to the kitchen of a branch and after half a year neither one nor the other “, read the comments.

The famous Golden Scorpion also responded to people’s comments and revealed that “KFC Chedraui Ajusco, yes! They are de la ching * da,” he stated. He further added that as a young man he got salmonellosis from eating raw food, so he was angry at being treated that way. Finally, one of the Internet users also joked about the situation, and indicated that it was medium, to which Alex Montiel replied: half alive.


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