The Guatemalan who takes office as Secretary of State

The official takes office, but not before remembering the struggle that his parents made to give his entire family a better life.

IN CONTEXT: Diego Morales, the Guatemalan elected as Secretary of State of Indiana

The new Indiana Secretary of State, Diego Morales recalled its origins that began in Guatemalabut that life led his parents and siblings to move to USA.

In an emotional message posted on his account Twitter, Morales He expressed his gratitude to his parents who were an impulse to take him to the place he now occupies.

“When my parents brought my sisters and me to Indiana from GuatemalaNever in their wildest dreams would they have imagined that one day their son would become a state office holder, a Secretary of State! The American dream is real!” he wrote in Twitter.

Morales he was sworn into office Jan. 1 in a ceremony making him Indiana’s 63rd Secretary of State.

In context

Diego Morales achieved the important victory with the Republican Party despite doubts about his background, indicating that Indiana it is increasingly becoming a one-party state.

the victory of Morales ensured continuous complete control of the Republican Party over Indiana state government, leaving the Hoosier Democrats in defeat.

The contest was one of the best opportunities of the democrats to win the party’s first state victory in a decade, due to the myriad of controversies it faced Morales.

Morales earned a spot on the November ballot after beating out the incumbent Secretary of State Holly Sullivan during the Republican convention in June.

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