The image of the year! The Chiefs star in ‘the potato circle’ in full NFL game

01/10/2023 at 16:39


Patrick Mahomes and company left us with one of the funniest moments of the NFL season.

In a ‘huddle’ situation, Cheifs’ offensive players danced as if it were the ‘potato circle’

The NFL It does not stop surprising us every day and, when we think we have seen it all, some team stars implausible actions within the field of play. This time it was the turn of the Kansas City Chiefs, who left us with a moment typical of a schoolyard.

The Chiefs will they played the number one seed of their conference in the game against Raiders, but that it didn’t seem like a sufficient reason to stop the team from having fun on the pitch and provide us with one of the most fun of the NFL course.

With two minutes remaining in the first half, in a situation of second and two near the rival endzone, Patrick Mahomes and his teammates in attack they starred in the ‘potato circle’ in the pre-play huddle. Something never seen before.

Surprisingly, the passing play ended in touchdownbut a ‘holding’ of the Chiefs offensive line canceled the annotation. Despite coming to nothing, this action will go down in NFL history as one of the most unlikely situations ever seen in a game.

The Kansas ‘potato rally’ has sparked much controversy around the North American country, and many fans have pointed out this play as a lack of respect for the rival.

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