The inauguration of Ron DeSantis in Florida, a prelude to the 2024 presidential election

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ second inauguration is almost “dress rehearsal” in view of the American presidential election of 2024, estimate the Miami Herald. If Ron DeSantis, unlike Donald Trumphas not yet officially declared himself a candidate for the race for the White House, the American media, like the largest daily newspaper in Florida, hold his candidacy for sure and spy on the slightest of his actions.

Will the Republican Governor of Florida continue to present himself as the champion of the “culture wars” that have earned him a right-wing hero, digging the same political furrow as Donald Trump? wonders the Miami Herald recalling that Ron DeSantis notably distinguished himself during his victory speech on November 8, declaring that “Florida is where woke culture ends”.

Ending “political tribalism”

Will he, on the contrary, broaden his political message to rally moderate voters and take up some of the more consensual themes of his first inauguration in 2019? During his first inauguration, the Republican governor of Florida had indeed promised to put an end to the “political tribalism” and in particular focused on theeducation and theenvironmentrecalls the largest daily newspaper in Florida, while stressing that the pandemic of Covid-19 as well as Trump’s re-election campaign then pushed him to right-wing his speech and his program.

One thing is certain, his second inaugural speech, which he must deliver on January 3, will be eminently symbolic and will be widely listened to in the country. As Republican lobbyist Brian Ballard points out in the columns of the Miami Herald :

“And dehors de Ronald Reagan [ancien gouverneur républicain de Californie élu à la Maison-Blanche en 1980]I don’t know of another governor who has been able to capture the attention of the whole country as Ron DeSantis does so well.”

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