the incident on New Year’s Eve

A baggage handler has died after being sucked into an airplane engine. The accident occurred on New Year’s Eve at Montgomery airport in the United States.

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Moment of panic to the airport regional of Montgomery in alabama, united states, after that a employee of the airport remained killed in a dramatic accident on New Year’s Eve. According to what was reported by the local press, it seems that the man was sucked dal motor of an aircraft while standing on the ramp located right next to the aircraft.

There was nothing they could do for him and the rescuers who intervened immediately after the incident could do nothing but ascertain his death. An incident that will now have to be shed to understand what went wrong in the application of the safety rules that should protect airport employees from such events.

The plane that killed the baggage handler

The plane that killed the baggage handler

The man, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, was said to have been on a ramp next to an Enovy Air flight when he was sucked into the engine. The aircraft was parked at Montgomery Regional Airport waiting to depart for Dallas, Texas. The accident occurred on New Year’s Eve around 3 pm and the airport was closed for several hours before resuming its normal activities in the evening.

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The victim is a baggage handler employed by Piedmont Airlines. Both Envoy and Piemonte are regional airlines owned by American Airlines. At the moment both the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transpiration Safety Board are investigating the accident. In an official statement, American Airlines said it was “devastated by the incident.”

Meanwhile, an internal investigation has been launched to reconstruct what happened. “We are saddened to learn of the tragic loss of an AA/Piedmont Airlines team member,” the Montgomery airport director said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the man’s family at this difficult time.” .

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