The infantrymen of the Kryvyi Rih Tank Brigade returned to the point of permanent deployment – PHOTO

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression, the infantrymen of the 17th separate tank brigade have been defending the territorial integrity of our country. They have proven themselves to be courageous fighters, capable of performing the most difficult tasks and on whom you can rely.

This was reported by the press service of the 17th separate tank brigade.

During the last rotation, the servicemen of the Kryvyi Rih brigade performed tasks as intended in the combat zone for more than six months. On the line of demarcation, they heroically opposed separatists and Russian mercenaries supported by Russia, defending the independence of our Motherland.

During all wars, the greatest burden, ordeals, fall on the shoulders of the infantry, and it is the infantry that always suffers the greatest losses.

In 2020, fortunately, the mechanized unit did not suffer any combat losses. In a total of 17 tank brigades, 119 servicemen gave their lives for the peaceful sleep and peace of millions of Ukrainians.

In the garrison House of Officers, solemn events were held on the occasion of the return of the infantrymen. Representatives of public organizations, authorities, city residents, veterans came to congratulate on returning to their native land. The best military personnel received awards.

Congratulations to the personnel of the motorized rifle unit on their return to the point of permanent deployment. Thank you for your courage, understanding and love for Ukraine. We wish you and your families good health, endurance, willpower and spirit, victory in the name of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

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